Groundwork Services

Rob Thomas Ltd offer unrivalled execution of groundworking which include:

  •     Foundations
  •     Harstanding
  •     Concreting
  •     Underpinning
  •     Soakaways
  •     Drainage Advice/Design Service
  •     Excavation
  •     paving
  •     extension
  •     stonework
  •     project management
  •     blockwork

Require Excavation?

Rob Thomas Ltd are often engaged to provide or improve demolition, excavation or foundations,
site clearance or drainage. A cellar for instance will require groundwork as an important part
of the initial phase in building.

A cellar will require excavation with dedicated equipment and expertise.

Foundations start before the beginning!

Rob Thomas Ltd lay the foundations before any building or construction actually starts,
consulting and design paves the way to a successful project. There may be a need for a site
clearance or demolition to allow contruction to take place.

Good groundwork may only be apparent towards the end, an area prepared for paving or bricks
will be easier to lay if prepared correctly with a little forethought.

Don't forget drainage...

Clearing and demolition isn't just about clearing for construction, proper thoughout
drainage would increase the throughput of a demolition or site clearance ensuring a
thorough and correct job completed ready for the construction to begin.